END HITS: New frontiers, same internet

By ajcolores

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We started JUICEBOXdotcom because we wanted to have the freedom to be creative with our writing right out of school. In what is either a self-fulfilling prophecy or just substantial luck, our paying-job lives have slowly taken over that hole in our hearts and allowed us to express our interests, creatively, in exchange for money. It’s why this site went from being updated at least once day with in-depth interviews with Canadian super-dudes like Bruce McDonald (or, at least, by a text-message review of the Dark Knight) to being updated once a week (month) with a cursory overview of whatever we were up to that week (month).

But The Man’s world doesn’t always let you flex your interests in the ways you want, so I’m going to attempt to revive this space as a way for me to wax poetic about things that I think suck or rule. As a subset of the general “Juiceblogs” banner, my little attempt here will be known as End Hits. Expect a lot of declarations of war and professions of love, death threats and marriage proposals, shit-talking of Stereos and probably more shit-talking of Stereos. When that gets tired, I’m sure I’ll have some choice words about Abandon All Ships. Get stoked.

So, yeah! Updates will come at least once a week, or I’ll be breaking a promise to myself that involves adding TMN to our monthly cable package. And you know I have to see how shit turns out for my boy Turtle down in Mexico.

End Hits is a thematically loose column written by Sam once a week. Or else.

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