Monday Morning Music: MGMT // Issue #07

By ajcolores

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Week 7 is here! With it comes attached, with the conviction of a variety of blood-and-fun-sucking entities, another Monday, but let’s not succumb to the thought of five more days of work; summer’s been teasing us with a fleeting, transitory presence and everyone’s all wrapped up in the football. Which is great if you are too. If not, worry not! We’ve got just the solution…

This week we’re taking a trip to the weird world of MGMT, the American psychedelia/electronica foursome who are remarkably efficient in pumping out catchy, infectious tracks that we believe belong on every Monday Morning playlist in some form or another.

Their 2007 album Oracular Spectacular was (and in many ways still is) hailed as a significant success and, as touted by a handful of music critics, a strong contender for one of the best albums of the past decade. With a humble twenty-five million views, here’s week-starter 'Time To Pretend' on Youtube for your aural consumption.

WATCH // 'Time to Pretend'

If you enjoyed 'Time To Pretend', or you’re just an MGMT fan in general, as a little bonus we recommend you check out Josie Charlwood’s impressive cover of 'Electric Feel'.

WATCH // 'Electric Feel'

See you next week!

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