Late Nite Tuff Guy – One Nite At The Disco (Greg Wilson Rework)

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If there was any doubt that Chris Glover (aka Penguin Prison) knows his Disco, he cleared that up by releasing one of the lusher, feel-good dance floor groove mixes in recent memory. Yes, “the D-word” has definitely been watered down by the rise of its Nu-found popularity in recent years, but Penguin Prison’s July mix reminds us that a nice funky bass line coupled with uplifting lyrics is still a very welcome and prominent sound emanating from many of today’s brightest producers

Penguin Prison July 2012 Mixtape by Penguin Prison

Glover has consistently created and with (arguably 2012′s most memorable track, at least for this guy) “Don’t Fuck With Your Money,” perfected his own unique sound that is a distinctly modern fusion of soul and pop. And in this July Mix, Glover beautifully selected and blended an array of tunes that display his taste and inspiration to develop his own, unique sound. It’s a must listen for any fans of Penguin Prison or those with Saturday Night Fever in their blood.

Here are a few of the stand out tracks, which you should stream, download, and, if the wallet allows, buy.

This first one is just pure D-word at its finest, featuring a deep bass line and basic, feel good lyrics that would’ve been a crowd pleaser at Studio 54


The next stand out track is of the freakier variety. The long intro and steady buildup is worth the line of an absolutely killer synth breakdown at approximately the 3:20 second mark that is followed by a mellifluous, heart-warming message.

Faze Action – Freak for your Love (New Wave Disco Dub Mix) by faze action

And that brings us to the “mystery track” that is not really a mystery as so much of an oddity. It was first heard on Magic Tape Twenty, and its only mention on Hypem is within a post by friends Golden Scissors.

The song (which comes at the 33 minute mark at the mix) is none other than “Holding On” by Classixx, which I first heard played out by Bag Raiders and then Oliver (U-Tern’s set). It’s the type of feel good, uplifting track that represents the core of all that is right with the nu-disco scene.

When it gets its release–and it will this shortly, according to the duo via a SoundCloud message–it will be a summer anthem that graces every pool party and late night disco decay in the Western Hemisphere.

Put on those dancing shoes, and let the rhythm take you higher…and higher…and higher.


The legendary Mr. TMS turned me onto Muffin’s rework of PP’s Fair Warning, and it touches all the right nerves at all the right times.

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Muffin Remix) by muffintastegood

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