Premature Evaluation: Cat Power Sun

By ajcolores

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If you’re an indie rock fan of a certain vintage, then the phrase “Cat Power breakup record” might inspire a certain dread in your heart. You might have uncomfortable memories of watching Chan Marshall only barely gutting her way through solo performances, hiding behind her hair, sheepishly stuttering between songs, while the audience made encouraging noises at her on like supportive parents watching a preschool play. You might remember wondering how many of those audience members were vampirically hoping that she’d flame out, which she sometimes did onstage. You probably remember hearing “I Don’t Blame You” for the first time and thinking to yourself that this was a notoriously squirmy performer empathizing with Kurt Cobain for deciding to blow his own head off. You might also remember her touring behind The Greatest, whooping and laughing and tossing her hair and generally acting the way people do when sobriety grants them a new lease on life. If you remember all that stuff, then you probably don’t want to see Marshall backslide into depression again, even if you really like the music she was making when she was depressed and unsober. So I’m very happy to report that Marshall wasn’t fucking around when she called her new album Sun; it’s easily the happiest and rosiest album she’s ever recorded. We can all relax. She’s OK. Oh, and she just made a really fucking good album.


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