Tune Of The Day: The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law // Issue #67

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The North Wales trio The Joy Formidable are BACK! Today sees a taster of things to come from Ritzy, Rhydian and Matt, and oh my what a beautiful return it is.

After what seems an eternity (but actually only just over a year) since their debut LP A Big Roar and 2009's debut EP A Balloon Called Moaning the guys treat us fans to a glimpse of a new sound. A massive open-spaced sound at that! This aural feeling of wide open spaces could be down to the fact the band have resided/toured/explored the expanse of the USA for the past many months. Whatever, any influence they have been instilled with is a gift if new offering 'Wolf's Law' is anything to go by.

WATCH // 'Wolf's Law'

The Story

Following on from constant touring of the worlds cities, The Joy Formidable give us a preview of new material here. A sound that replaces the usual crashing screaming building guitars of Ritzy and replaces them with crescendos of piano. The immediately recognisable voice of the enigmatic front-woman is joined by lifting notes of keys being bashed instead of the expected double pedal distortion we know. Matt pounding the skins throughout the peaks add to the weight building the sound, building and growing into an exquisite zenith of powerpop. The accompanying sliced nature video all adds to the atmosphere of expanse too.

Ritzy, Rhydian and Matt, all looking in that 'new direction'

This direction may only be a tester of new sounds, but, may prove to be a tester for some fans. It will surely cause some sort of division in the trios fan-base, but I for one love it.

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