Washed Out – A Dedication

By ajcolores

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If there’s one tried and true rule of making a popular music video, it’s this: prominently feature an adorable animal, then sit back and watch people fawn. Ernest Greene (aka Washed Out) must have taken this into consideration with his video for “A Dedication,” which features a kitten lounging around a sleepy lakeside cabin. In addition to said feline, the video also shows Greene and a lady friend playing piano, walking through fields and swimming in a lake at dusk. Feeling relaxed yet? Add in Greene’s layered, hazy harmonies plus a beautifully simple piano riff and you get a video cozy enough to wear like a blanket. The fact that Within and Without (Sub Pop) is more than a year old doesn’t make this video seem any less timely. The unhurried glimpses of idyllic rural life are the perfect compliment to this sweltering summer.

STREAM: Washed Out – “A Dedication”

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