Brooklyn’s Tony Castles debut a peek at Sharon Stone

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'Welcome to Connecticut: soaring boredom, thrilling melancholy!'

The founding members of Brooklyn's Tony Castles, Paul Sicilian and Willie Miesmer met at Skidmore College and disliked each other off the bat. Different tastes, mistrust, the whole thing- they were in competing bands, willie was in a loud art rock band and paul's band was rock and roll- they actually had songs. willie joined paul's band out of a mix of curiosity and spite, wrote basslines and then got kicked out after a few months for skipping practice to sneak off with a girl and then rehearse with his other band. they didn't talk for a while. Willie is a hypochondriac and Paul is made of firmer stuff. They are both from Connecticut.

Sicilian and Miesmer moved to Brooklyn to begin lives and over time began warily seeing eye to eye about things- basketball, substances, friendship, work. songs that could collect these things. This album features the drumming of an old friend of theirs and founding band member Gabriel Wurzel who left the band to do other things. God bless him on his travels. Alex Russek fills his shoes now rounding out the trio. Sharon Stone is not Sharon Stone. This is the girl.

  • Sept 6th NYC @ Piano's
  • Sept 20th Brooklyn @ Green Building (Silent Lights/Brooklyn Arts Fundraiser)
  • Sept 28th Bushwick, BK @ Delinquency
more shows to TBA for October + CMJ

Sharon Stone
EP via Bandcamp (out October 23rd)

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