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First of all thank you for a fantastic site.

I would like some advice please.

I have written a song and a record company wishes to publish it, I am going next week to sign the deal.

I produced a demo and a lot of the demo has been directly recorded into the final product. The arrangement is unchanged. I wrote the words, music, programmed the drums and bass and played the piano and added some extra keys and a little backing vocal. We used an artiste already signed to the label to sing the track and I arranaged the harmony vocals which he sang also. The Producer has made a great job and added in some extra keys.
The MD of the record company has suggested I should alocate a % to the producer for his input.
I have no idea how this works and whether the % comes out of the songwriters royalty or whether it should come direct from the whole. I am confused as I am only concerned with the songwriting why he is asking me this. What do you thing the % should be and should it be part of my songwriting royalty even though he really just added some extra keys on top, no extra key riffs or anything. I paid for the producer upfront (well one days worth they paid the rest which was several days)

Any help would be appreciated as I am totaly green and this song may well be a winner.

Kind Regards and many thanks,


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