MP3: Alpaca Sports – “I Was Running”

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MP3: Alpaca Sports – “I Was Running”

Let’s kick off our Friday nights with some easy-listening Swedish pop. Alpaca Sports is the solo project of Andreas Jonsson, though he credits the work of many friends on his Facebook page as well. A track as breezily pleasant as “I Was Running” is a good way to start the weekend, with its swift guitar jangle and harmonious male-female vocal duet. The chorus, a jumpy skiffle, finds itself gradually accompanied by elegant strings and “hoo-hoo-ha-ha”ing courtesy of Amanda Åkerman’s angelic vocals. This is a quick and tidy effort that emits radiant joy. The more ballad-ready “Let’s Go Somewhere” finds the duet return over a gradual jangle-pop accompaniment, albeit this time over gentler acoustic swaying. Jonsson makes music for bright summer days where optimism radiates even brighter than the sun.

MP3: Alpaca Sports – “Let’s Go Somewhere”

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