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Salvador Santana, the 28-year-old keyboardist, vocalist, composer and songwriter is set to re-visit his roots when he plays at a number of venues this October with his new band comprised of members Alex Nester (vocals & keyboards,) Jared Meeker (Guitar,) Blake Collie (Drums) and Itai Shapira (bass.)

The Bay Area native will be performing shows throughout California where both new and old fans will be able to hear a variety of songs from his previously released solo album Keyboard City, as well as his new songs, “Into The Light” and “Mi Tesoro.” “Into The Light” is the second single from Salvador’s upcoming EP, with a music video directed by Joseph Garner (Peter Nydrle Productions) that was released in June.

As a musician, Salvador Santana is pushed by a need to step out of his comfort zone in a quest for new ideas. Exuding the Bay Area vibe, he began playing the drums at age three, sitting on his father’s lap - but his true love was discovered when he began taking piano lessons at six. He later studied at San Francisco’s heralded School of the Arts before attending Cal Arts in Valencia, CA. His education, passion and lineage have turned Salvador Santana into a monster on the keys.

Salvador Santana Tour Dates:

10.04.12 ∙ Zoey’s Café ∙ Ventura, CA

10.05.12 ∙ Mission Tobacco Lounge ∙ Riverside, CA

10.06.12 ∙ Chicano Park ∙ San Diego, CA

10.12.12 ∙ The Aubergine Vintage Emporium & Café ∙ Sebastopol, CA

10.13.12 ∙ George’s Nightclub ∙ San Rafael, CA

10.17.12 ∙ The Whiskey ∙ Los Angeles, CA

10.20.12 ∙ Humphries ∙ San Diego, CA

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