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Growing up, the arrival of September always gave me anxiety. Shorter days and colder temperatures pressed against my carefree summer spirit from both sides. Never did seasons seem less cyclical, and with no indication the daylight’s diminishing would ever end, I felt maybe entire days would go way of the summer and simply stop existing. Also, I hate close-toed shoes.

This year, however, September’s been different. I’ve been surprised at my own embrace of jeans and sweaters, my realization that I’ve only been pretending to like the weather over the past few months, and the effect earlier sunsets has on my bedtime. I figured it had something to do with my no-longer-new place in the working world, since summer no longer brings with it the escape from responsibility and swampy city life that it once did.

But no. Now I realize why this September is different. St. Lucia has bestowed their latest musical gift unto us all, the not-coincidentally titled “September.” If you’re not familiar with Jean-Philip Grobler’s project St. Lucia, you’ve probably never been on this blog before, so let me be the first to welcome you. Otherwise, you’re likely as excited as we were to finally have an official release of the song we’ve been stalking on Youtube concert footage for months.

“September” starts where August left us, with pulsing (if desolate) synths that slowly build up to an unbridled climax, like a parched tree vowing not to go gentle into that good winter and instead violently flashing every color with a wavelength between 550-700 nanometers on the electromagnetic spectrum. If every song were a street and a time, this one would be Swann Street in Northwest DC during, you guessed it, September.

The track comes off their upcoming September EP, available on iTunes September 25th.

Stream: St. Lucia – “September”

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