CULTURA TRES Premiere “El Sur De La Fe” Video

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'El Sur De La Fe', the new video by the Venezuelan sludge/ doom quartet Cultura Tres, can be seen below:

The clip is produced and directed by Juan de Ferrari (guitar) and Alejandro Londoño (guitar,vocals). 'El Sur De La Fe' comes from the critically acclaimed second Cultura Tres album El Mal Del Bien, which will see its release in CD format through the UK label Devouter Records (Devouter Records) on November 12th. The song can be downloaded for free here:

In English 'El Sur De La Fe' means something like "South of the Faith"- says Alejandro -“For us it refers to two things: the way religion is experienced in the area where we come from and the hidden side of the faith and its illusive benefits. We would like people to reflect on the impact religion has had on the lives of the original inhabitants of the Americas; how the Catholic church and it's covered-up, gold hungry crusade practically exterminated a culture older than Christianity itself.

In this sense, we didn't choose Oct 12th for the premiere of the video by accident; it is a day to contemplate and condemn the invasion and genocide that followed. Unfortunately, repressive, genocidal and extermination policies are still present in many parts of the world and in 21st century Religion is still married to Politics; and this marriage is still used to instill fear and maintain ignorance, often backed up by one of their most faithful children: War. This is what this clip is about.”

To support the CD release of El Mal Del Bien, Cultura Tres will play in UK on the following dates:
  • Nov 15th – Colchester @ The Hole in the Wall
  • Nov 17th – Birmingham @ The Asylum
  • Nov 18th – London @ The Purple Turtle

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