MP3: Bravestation – “Future Love”

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MP3: Bravestation – “Future Love”

Bravestone create lush synth-pop with a melancholic and soulful R&B edge. In several respects, the Toronto-based quartet sound like a cross between How to Dress Well and Prefab Sprout. Devin Wilson’s vocals alternate between serene hushes and gripping falsetto over warbles of futuristic synths and keyboard glistens, which is a recipe for success on their full-length debut Giants & Dreamers. Closer “Future Love” is absolutely beautiful, reminiscent of the twinkling balladry Prefab Sprout perfected throughout the ’80s. Wilson’s vocals remind more of HtDW’s Tom Krell than Paddy McAloon, and the hypnotic late-night electro-pop falls more in line with the likes of Erasure. But Prefab efforts like ”I Remember That“, and several others on their From Langley Park to Memphis album, would probably find a special place in the hearts of Bravestation’s members. With a gorgeous melody that borrows slices of R&B, soul, and pop, “Future Love” is the type of sleek piece of pop perfection that will enamor any listener with a sweet spot for New Wave ballads.

Another superb effort from Giants & Dreamers is “Tides of the Summit”, more in the dark alternative territory of Wild Beasts with a slight tinge of Afro-pop:

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