Tune of the Day: Johan Reinhold – Tears from the Start // Issue #80

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Johan Reinhold, a Swedish electronic master, is back with his latest offering ‘Tears from the Start’, which is an absolute belter. This is a flowing piece bursting with dramatic orchestral strings, atmospheric heartbeat drums and coursing pathos. If you’re looking for a sensational modern ballad with a haunting narrative, a sense of urgency and stunning desire, then Johan Reinhold is the man for you.

WATCH // 'Tears from the Start'

The Story

Once in every generation someone comes along and changes everything. Johan Reinhold is not that someone, but he met the woman once… Then there was music!

Over the years Johan Reinhold has been involved with several musical endeavors that has given him a following in his native Sweden. His last effort won local praise for its cinematic sound and was later nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award in 2009. Having finished touring Europe that same year Johan Reinhold made an abrupt change and decided to switch his creative path. “I wanted to try something different and explore new territories. I needed to evolve,” he says.

Johan went on and bought himself a guitar to further explore some ideas that had been marinating in the back of his mind for some time. As the sounds of this guitar got louder Johan knew he was onto something and felt ready to go back into the studio to begin work on a new album.

The blurry electronic pop project eventually grew legs and evolved into a unique, sexy sound honing the skills of Sweden’s most prominent producers and engineers like; Astma, Rocwell and the inimitable Lasse Mortén (who also produced Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John) plus several others.

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