Waves of Fury – Thirst

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Somerset, England band Waves of Fury are out with their debut rock album, Thirst. Recorded in indie rocker PJ Harvey’s local studio, the five gents – Carter Sharp (lead vocals), Bim Williams (horns), Fil Ward (guitars, vocals), James Macphee (drums) and Jamie Bird (pianos, vocals) – fuse garage rock sounds, including fuzzed out guitars, percussive drums, and plenty of feedback with rock and touches of r&b. Promo single “Businessman’s Guide To Witchcraft” is gaining the band fans while the rest of the ten tracks please critics as well. With lyrics steeped American gothic literary influence from the likes of Edgar Allen Poe and Saul Bellow, Thirst makes for a fascinating mix of genres and cultures. Check out standouts opener “Death of a Vampire”, “The Everlasting Thirst” and six-plus minute closer “Viodrene.” – Written by SMarx




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