Santigold at Fox Theater Photos and Review

By ajcolores

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Photography by Leticia Molina

White Arrows warmed up their first show in Oakland on Wednesday night with their self proclaimed “psychotropical” synth-pop tracks. Hailing from Los Angeles, the five man group played a lively show with geometric kaleidoscope-like visuals (can you say psychedelic?) emphasizing tambourines, heavy drums, bass and stellar keyboard work. Their nouveau MGMT-meets-Geographer style has a slight indie-rock sound with similar vocal riffs to TV On the Radio. “Get Gone” was their final tune that most notably sold their fans to an energizing opening act.

It’s no question that the Fox Theater was sold-out for Santigold (formerly Santogold). She has a knack for defying musical genres with her constant appeal of new sounds and spunky beats. The Brooklyn local has an allure for mixing tradition and innovation, with her sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe topping “Disparate Youth” as the current anthem of her electro hip-hop legacy. Santigold brought her creative stage performance to the Fox, exploiting a pair of booty-shaking dance interpreters, neon fringe-trimmed outfits and a surprising mini skit performance by two people in a horse costume. She danced all night and reveled in the crowd’s infectious energy especially when she asked for more dancers to get on stage –inviting the pumped up eclectic faces of her concertgoers to join her in the recognizably warped calls of “Creator.” Santigold wowed the crowd with her edgy panache throughout the night, including her special encore.

-Written by Christine Isabel Javier


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