Waxahatchee – “Peace And Quiet”

By ajcolores

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Last year, I wrote a Band To Watch feature on the excellent Philly-via-Birmingham, AL indie-punk band Swearin’, whose frontwoman is Allison Crutchfield, formerly of P.S. Eliot. Also in P.S. Eliot was Katie Crutchfield, Allison’s sister, who now makes music as Waxahatchee. At some point, the two sisters and their two bands won’t be so easily or regularly conflated, but right now, it’s hard not to do so: Waxahatchee sounds a lot like Swearin’ — both bands write earnest, melodic, no-frills, ’90s-inspired indie rock, owing obvious debts to some pretty big names: Superchunk and Sleater-Kinney come to mind (so too do some giants of late-’90s emo-punk, Rainer Maria and the Get Up Kids). Waxahatchee are a bit more reflective, musically more acoustic-based, while Swearin’ are pretty explosive and electric-based. But both sisters have really similar vocal tones; moreover, both Allison and Swearin’ guitarist Kyle Gilbridge guest on Waxahatchee’s forthcoming album, Cerulean Salt, due out in March. We’ve got one song from the album here, “Peace And Quiet.” It’s a fantastic, downtempo ballad, with a bright focus on Katie’s expressive voice and her incredibly catchy melodies; the modest instrumentation builds to some pretty impressive peaks. The song is below, along with tour dates and album tracklisting. Check it out.


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