Deconstructing: The Rise, Demise, And Legacy Of The Mars Volta

By ajcolores

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I woke up on Thursday, January 24, to find the Mars Volta, an old friend, stone dead and on the slab. By now, anyone with sufficient curiosity has read Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s multi-tweet breakup announcement — the group’s death twitches, as it turns out. Those tweets came only months shy of the 11-year anniversary of the Tremulant EP’s release. Twelve years, six albums, and a single EP seems like a decent body of work and an impressive lifespan, especially in this age of bands forming for a single EP, garnering Internet fame, and then breaking up months or weeks later. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that day marked an untimely death for the Mars Volta. They were a special band that perished too young.

And on further examination, they were diseased almost from the get-go.


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