The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

By ajcolores

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The two videos I liked best this week are about reintroducing superstars: One who’s been away for a while, one who’s barely taken enough time off for anyone to notice it’s been a year since he dropped an album. And both are heavy on old-school music-video values: Expert rhythmic editing, implied sex, the goofily in-charge charisma of their two leads. One goes self-effacing and the other goes over-the-top slick, but they still scratch the same itches. And it’s no surprise that their directors are guys who have been making music videos for long enough to remember how it looked when music videos were on TV. For all the democratization that comes with the YouTube era, all the chances for unsung talents to find audiences on the internet — and we see some of that in two of the other clips — there’s still some real pleasure to be had when you let a professional mess with your eyeballs. Our picks are below.


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