Does This Kohl’s Shirt Rip Off YACHT?

By ajcolores

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I feel like some version of this happens all the damn time: A couple years back, Forever 21 started selling a Flipper T-shirt that bore a distinct resemblance to a shirt worn by Kurt Cobain on Saturday Night Live in 1992 (which Cobain had created himself with a magic marker). Last year, UK fashion house Hardware appropriated Crass’s logo for their own merchandise. Heck, two weeks ago designer Jeremy Scott showed a line that blatantly ripped off iconic skateboard graphics created in the ’80s by Jimbo Phillips. (Disney’s mind-destroying Joy Division Mickey Mouse T-shirt belongs somewhere in this conversation, too.) Now, LA-via-Portland dance duo YACHT are alleging that Kohl’s lifted both their lyrics and their logo for a new T-shirt. And, as you can see from the photo above, the evidence is pretty damning. Wrote the band on their Tumblr:


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