Turntable Interview: Telekinesis

By ajcolores

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When you think of a one-man band, you tend to picture a man with a harmonica, wearing a drum like a baby, and walking around with cymbals attached to his knees. As far as I know, Michael Lerner does none of those things while making his dreamy experimental pop. Working under the nom de plume Telekinesis, Lerner has made a series of excellent records filled with his spirited and fluid power-pop that manages to reference classic pop and rock without sounding derivative. His third album, Dormarion, is due out on Merge Records on 4/2. He hopped on Turntable.fm to talk about his new record, which album we all need to go out and buy this second, and why we should all listen to more Howard Jones.

TELEKINESIS: I am SO psyched about this!!! This is like my favorite thing ever.
STEREOGUM: Awesome. Let’s start.


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