Coachella: Recommendations

By ajcolores

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From my success and failures last week (along with a little help from my friends) I have compiled a list of recommendations for Coachella this weekend. These bits of advice should make your life a little easier and more comfortable this weekend and for Coachellas to come. Check them all out after the jump.

1. Don’t camp. Rent.
I am usually a fan of camping at festivals, but the Indio desert is a different animal all together. We stayed 3 miles away in a plush gated community called La Quinta. If you can get a bunch of friends to split the costs and crowd the house I highly suggest doing so.

2. Don’t shuttle. Drive.
If you are staying off-site don’t pay 80 bucks for a shuttle. Drive yourself and park there. Parking is free and every cop in Indio is involved in securing Coachella, so when you leave the coast is clear. Think of it like leaving a stadium after a big game.

3. Bring a scarf/bandana for the dust.
There was a legit full-fledged sandstorm on Sunday night. Believe me, you don’t want to be caught without one.

4. Don’t waste your time with GroupMe.
A bunch a people were suggesting that festival goers dowload the app GroupMe to coordinate with friends. Don’t waste your time – doesn’t work.

5. Download the Coachella app.
This app has a great interface and has all the info you will need to navigate Coachella, including set times, maps, and weather advisories.

6. Bring a light jacket/long sleeve shirt.
When the sun goes down some nights it gets wicked cold, and you will be happy you have it when your friends’ teeth are chattering next to you.

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