MMOSS – “Nothing Left”

By ajcolores

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MMOSS’ “Nothing Left” plays like an enshrouding fog, slowly revealing the path ahead with a hypnotic wisp. It’s a track that begins rather mystically, with ’60s pop-inspired percussion meshing with a stirring woodwind percussion that would fit nicely on Game of Thrones, or some other vivid Medieval-based presentation. The vocals play similarly to The Mamas & the Papas, with a nonchalant croon using repetition as a sturdy melodic base for any slight alterations. There are shades of Caribou’s psych-pop masterpiece Andorra in the elaborate production, which is as fine of comparison any rising group could aim for. Concurrently a blast of the past and modern wit, “Nothing Left” shows MMOSS as a band with loads of talent.

“Nothing Left” is from new MMOSS/Quilt 10″ split EP, New Hampshire Freaks.

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