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Rose Windows

Rose Windows’ The Sun Dogs, their debut record, comes out June 25th on Sub Pop, and if ‘Natvie Dreams’, the lead off track from the record, is any indication (it is), this is going to be a very memorable debut record. Watch the mysti…

Bastille announce Winter UK Tour

Following the success of the sold out *Bad Blood Tour* earlier this year, *Bastille* are back for round two. Autumn 2013 will see their biggest tour to date. The band behind no.1 album *Bad Blood*, one of the biggest albums of the year, will appear in fifteen cities across the UK, including a show…

Matias Aguayo announces ‘The Visitor’ LP out 6/24 on Comeme

Today the Cómeme label, via Kompakt distribution, announces the forthcoming album from Chilean-born *Matias Aguayo* –* The Visitor*, out June 25th. With this album, *Aguayo* unveils the unexpected rather than appeasing fans of a specifc genre. He considers his roots in proto-house, new wave,…

Comment on MOOCs – a Teacher’s Perspective by Mary Merva

A practical question…when do you have the time to respond to all of the emails from your students?When does a student have time to read the 187,000 comments? Would not one careful, formative assessment of a student's work be more important and shouldn't that assessment come from an expert? I have not seen this addressed in the many, many articles and forums I am folllwing. Your response would be valued.
Thank you.