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Quick Romantic Cul De Sac

Iron & Wine “Grace for Saints and Ramblers” I never cared for Iron & Wine’s sad acoustic songs, and will probably always have a bit of residual distaste for that end of their catalog – that stuff was popular at a time when I was distancing myself from anything that struck me as overly dreary [...]

Listen to Trails and Ways — Do yourself the favor

Ever since the release of Vampire Weekend’s self-titled album there has been a seeming void (and demand) for a sunny (indie) album imbued with the same Paul Simon inspired African guitars and rhythms. Meet Trails and Ways. Like the aforementioned Columbia grads, Trails and Way is comprised of four college friends from UC Berkeley freshly embarking from a nudist/idealist [...]

Watch – Tyler The Creator “IFHY”

If I said to Tyler the Creator that I thought his material was “growing up,” I image he’d slap me across the face and say “bitch please.” As one of the leaders of the OFWGKA crew,  the “horror-core” rapper seems to have chilled his tone on “IFHY.” It’s not like Wolf Haley hasn’t sung a few broken hearted [...]