Archive | May 2, 2013

Shots Fired, Episode 27 – Psychedelic Rap ft. Alexander Spit

“West Coast rapper/producer Alexander Spit joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to discuss Psychedelic Rap. They’ll get into the roots of Psychedelic music, what is considered Psychedelic Rap, and which rappers were influenced through the use of Psychedelics. Plus, the guys talk about the first time they got high, burning out on Psychedelics,… Continue reading »

The Flaming Lips – “You Lust” Video (NSFW)

“You Lust” is the pounding 13-minute drone-groove at the heart of the Flaming Lips new album The Terror, and its video cuts the song down to a more manageable four minutes. It does not, however, do anything else to make the song more digestible. In the clip, we see a naked man and a naked [...]

Steve Gunn – “Water Wheel”

Steve Gunn, who is one of the Violators in Kurt Vile And The Violators, is obviously a good guitarist. But there’s being a “good guitarist” and then there’s that rare special quality where people, at a loss for words, start name-dropping the practically supernatural John Fahey in order to describe you. That is one of [...]

Artful Dodger – “No I Turn You On (Disclosure Remix)” (Feat. Zoe Kypri)

In the late ’90s and early ’00s, the British production duo Artful Dodger was one of the primary forces behind the skittering, slick dance genre known as UK garage; their signature tune “Re-Rewind” was also Craig David’s first hit. Over the past year or so, fellow British production duo Disclosure, whose two brothers were pretty [...]

Kim Deal – “Hot Shot”

The first 7″ from Kim Deal’s single series, “Walking With A Killer”/“Dirty Hessians,” was released in January and sold out of its limited run (1,000 copies) almost instantly. Now, she’s released sides 3 and 4 of that series, “Hot Shot” b/w “Likkle More,” whose A-side is available for spinning below. “Hot Shot” has a stripped-down [...]