THE-DRUM unveil new SSENSE mix in advance of their narcotic debut LP Contact

By ajcolores

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The-Drum create a potent aural intoxicant by accentuating the weirdness of R&B and rap influences. Fusing sensuous atmospheres with woozy dissonance, the rising Chicago duo’s dazzling 21st century quiet storm links disparate elements and genres in an earnest fashion giving the same credence to Three 6 Mafia as Art of Noise that could only be a product of these times.

Their debut full-length Contact is a provocative offering, smoothing out footwork’s freneticism and rendering mutant strains of R&B vaporous. Breaking free of the confines of urban pop and contemporary club structures, Contact finds the duo at their most hypnotic and fluid. A transition hinted at on their Sense Net EP, The-Drum perfects manipulating space and nuance throughout the slow-burning, weightless Contact.

On the record’s sci-fi themed concept, The-Drum reveals, “Basically, the album exists in a universe in which there is a multinational conglomerate. That company is called Sense Net and it is part pharma- ceutical company and part hardware/software developer... their services are something along the lines of isolation tanks with audio, visual, and chemical elements to give the user various sensations and experiences based on the “programs” they have selected.”

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