Macajey started in April 2013 with a basement gig in Tartu,…

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Macajey started in April 2013 with a basement gig in Tartu, Estonia for an art exhibition called Papergirl. Coming back to California, the summer lead to gigs around the Bay Area including playing at 1015 Folsom, Submission in San Francisco & Streetlight Records + The Blank Club in San Jose in early 2014.

Having been involved in different projects as a guitar player, recording + mixing engineer, Jeremy Macachor created ‘Macajey’ as an outlet for music to be played in clubs that works just as well on a chilled out Sunday morning.

Jeremy explains: “The hardest part was finding the gear needed to be able to play this project live since I’ve never played my own music out before and was mostly just a guitar player in bands. But I stumbled across a world I never knew existed with all these midi controllers and drum pads. It was tricky at first but I finally learned enough about the gear and watching people like Gold Panda, Four Tet, Slow Magic really helped open my mind as to what’s possible with electronic music.

The downtempo Night Sight EP & the electronica/chill-out Water EP are both available now on Bandcamp.

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