On 03.31, Joakim returns with a cover of Neil Young “On…

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On 03.31, Joakim returns with a cover of Neil Young “On The Beach”, featuring remixes from CFCF, Principles Of Geometry, & Joakim himself. This track is also the 1st single from Joakim’s forthcoming LP, Tropics Of Love, due 05.26 via Because Music/Tigersushi.

"This is the cover of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists, On The Beach by Neil Young. When i first heard that song, i felt like i could have or should have written it. The lyrics are so dark and beautiful, they relate to the slightly autistic part that a lot of artists are hiding and the artist condition in general. But I’m no Neil Young when it comes to song-writing, so instead of trying to write something as good, I decided to make a cover, twist that blues tune and turn it into something completely different and (much to my surprise) even darker, to the point where most people don’t even recognize the original song." - Joakim

On The Beach / download

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