Cage the Elephant premiered their video for their 2nd single…

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Cage the Elephant premiered their video for their 2nd single “Take It Or Leave It” featuring Juliette Lewis + some sparkling roller skating dancers at a roller-rink in Topeka, KS in the 70s.

Matt Shultz said:

“’I want the video to have a roller-skating disco concept,’ I said to my long-time friend and music video director, Isaac Rentz. He replied, ‘You’re not going to believe this but I have a sick hook-up who can get us some figure roller-skating world champions!’ We gazed into each other’s souls through the windows of our eyes—eyes that danced on unspoken, secret plans for roller-skating music video euphoria in conception. We spit into our hands and shook on it. Then, wordlessly, we made small cuts on the tips of our index fingers, rubbed them together and became blood brothers. We never actually filmed the video, it just leapt from our shared imaginings into the world, vital and fully-formed.”

Cage The Elephant’s acclaimed 3rd album Melophobia, is available now on iTunes.

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