James Franco & Seth Rogen Wisely Decline To Reenact Their “Bound 2″ Spoof At Kanye & Kim’s Wedding

By ajcolores

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Last year, in making his video for “Bound 2,” Kanye West enacted a weird-as-fuck motorcycle-sex fantasy with Kim Kardashian, his fiancee. Hollywood stoner buds James Franco and Seth Rogen then recreated the video shot-for-shot, with Rogen playing Kardashian and Franco playing West, and called it “Bound 3.” This seemed like the sort of thing that might send Kanye into public-meltdown mode, but Kardashian went public, saying that both she and Kanye thought it was hilarious. And now, on a recent stop at The View, Fraco says that Kanye contacted both him and Rogen, hoping that they’d perform it the night before his wedding.


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