Shut Up, Mate: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

By ajcolores

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In case you missed the last five days: it was Britpop Week on Stereogum. We celebrated the 20th anniversaries of His ’N’ Hers and Parklife, released a week apart in the spring of ’94. We also recalled Britpop’s B-list, watched the Live Forever documentary, drew a Damon Albarn & Noel Gallagher Timeline, reminisced about Britpop Dance Nights, shared a Definitely Maybe 33⅓ excerpt, ranked the 10 best Verve songs, did a Where Are They Now?, and looked at the genre’s big comedown. We spoke with Albarn, too and while we didn’t speak with any Gallaghers, Liam tweeted “OASIS,” so that’s something. You can still enter our giveaways of Oasis’ Definitely Maybe Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set and the Official Blur Brittania Tea Set, but otherwise our special Britpop programming is over. Don’t be too upset, though — Spice World Week is next. Your best and worst comments from the past 7 days are below, but first are two amusing Britpop-related YouTubes I couldn’t otherwise find a place to post this week:


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