That’s Why They Hate Us

By ajcolores

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Girl Talk & Freeway featuring Waka Flocka Flame “Tolerated”

It’s a little weird to me that Girl Talk didn’t jump into hip-hop production sooner – sure, mashups are his THING, and he clearly makes a good living as a DJ, but he’s so good at energetic track-building that it seems like he would’ve been pushed into it once he became a legit star. I don’t think every rapper would be at home in a Girl Talk track, but Freeway fits in perfectly, and his shouty rhymes are ideal for this sort of blaring, heavy composition. Their entire EP is excellent, but “Tolerated” is the one that really gets across that “ridiculously excited!!!” Girl Talk vibe while also conveying genuine menace. This is fantastic summer music, or maybe more accurately, pre-summer music.

Download the EP for free from DatPiff.

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