Greys – Pretty Grim

By ajcolores

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What is going on in Canada? Between Fucked Up, the Dirty Nil, the Beverlys, Japandroids and, most importantly at the moment, Greys, it seems like our neighbors up north are committed to holding the tattered punk flag high. Greys’ track “Pretty Grim” is off of the band’s upcoming full-length album If Anything (out June 17th via Carpark) and it’s a pretty good primer on what you can expect from the rest of the record once it drops. The sound is powerful and melodic, and while they can still get frenetic when they want to, these four are generally more concerned with getting overpoweringly loud. Greys aren’t just trying to burn guitars with speed and fuzz. The band’s brand of punk lives in that space from the late ’80s to early ’90s right before screamo split from hardcore, when bands like At The Drive-In and Fugazi reigned supreme. It’s jarring and noisy, alternating between sharp, serrated edges and battering, blunt force. Stream it below.


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