Morrissey’s Guitarist Blasts Kristeen Young, Tony Visconti In Wake Of Tour Cancellation

By ajcolores

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It wasn’t especially surprising when Morrissey canceled all of his remaining North American tour dates last week; it’s the sort of thing Morrissey does. But it was a bit surprising when he blamed opening act Kristeen Young for the entire debacle, claiming that she kept performing with a cold, refused to sit any dates out, and got Morrissey and his crew sick. Young denied the charges, saying that she was only having an allergic reaction and that “this is really too much and too bizarre.” Tony Visconti, a veteran producer who has worked with both Morrissey and Young, sided with Young on Facebook, though this development went unnoticed by even those of us who were following the story. But Jesse Tobias, the guitarist in Morrissey’s band, noticed, and he’s now written a statement calling out both Young and Visconti. Check it out below.


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