Sinkane – “Hold Tight”

By ajcolores

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Many of the singles from Sinkane’s 2012 LP Mars — “Runnin’” and “Jeeper Creeper,” for instance — were aggressive rhythm bombs, and even the relatively chilled-out “Warm Spell” was sprawling celestial Afrobeat. But Ahmed Gallab has been a lot of amazing places and interacted with a lot of great musicians since then, and his sound has always been subject to constant morphing anyway. So although “Hold Tight” sounds like nothing Sinkane has ever released before, the evolution was almost a foregone conclusion. Is this sweltering bit of Sade-damaged soul the natural byproduct of hanging out with Usher and David Byrne? Maybe? Gallab’s taste for under-recognized international musicians is well-documented, though, as is his aim to conjure truly universal music. So it’s only natural that the rest of his forthcoming Mean Love refracts all sorts of ideas through this latest headspace. For now, listen to “Hold Tight,” yet another example of one of today’s most distinctive artists keeping us on our toes.


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