Lusine – “Arterial” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

By ajcolores

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Lusine is best known for his abstract but highly melodic electronic music, and soon he’ll release the new EP Arterial. Now he shares Christophe Thockler’s video for the EP’s title track which uniquely plays into that musical contrast. With tight, dramatically lit shots of computer motherboards, chips, and other electronic devices that gradually drip blood, it feels both mechanical and organic, blending with Lusine’s track, which is choppy and mechanized until a bit of human voice drops in now and then. I was so fascinated by the video I reached out to director Thockler for some sort of a comment only to learn that the video contains absolutely zero digital effects. Everything was done using stop-motion animation built from about 7,000 pictures and live footage. The melting near the end was done with a heat gun, and even the credit sequence is shot entirely live on an old glitching computer. Oh, and some of that blood you’re seeing is real blood. Watch it below and read Thockler’s comments.


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