Grouper Announces New Album Ruins

By ajcolores

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In the last few years, Liz Harris, better known as Grouper, has made a habit of releasing albums built from past recordings. Don’t call these outtakes, or rarities, or anything you’d think of as a compilation, though. Last year’s The Man Who Died In His Own Boat may have been made out of music from half a decade earlier, but it flowed and was constructed with tremendous care — and it was a fitting process, considering how Harris’ music can often sound like the accompaniment to a hazy half-forgotten memory. Now Harris has announced she will release her newest album, Ruins, this Halloween, and this one was made from recordings mainly done in 2011 (and one that was recorded in 2004 at her mother’s house). It’s especially exciting to hear this news when you take into account that 2011 was right around the time we heard Grouper’s stunning release A I A, a double LP containing the records Dream Loss and Alien Observer. Check out the Ruins track listing, a statement from Harris, and give another listen to her Man Who Died below.


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