Morrissey Announces Live Return, Disses Label, Laments Lack Of TV Promo In Latest Statement

By ajcolores

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As always, Morrissey’s latest post on his fan site True To You is mostly incoherent rambling. The main through-line seems to be his unhappiness with his latest album not getting the promotional push he thinks it deserves. He begins by thanking three Youtubers for uploading music videos of his new song “World Peace Is None Of Your Business,” something he says “ought to have been harvested by the record label.” (Ha, get it? Because the album is out on Harvest Records…) After two paragraphs of ranting where he somehow tries to connect meat consumption with the missing Malaysian airlines flight, he comes back around to the music and reminds us that this is not 1955, in case we were confused, and that the “number 1 position on the pop charts is ’bought.’” He then concludes by saying that he still hasn’t received any invitations to do television appearances for the new album and reminds you that his next concert is in October, as long as it doesn’t get cancelled. Read his whole statement below.


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