Terror Pigeon – “Girl!”

By ajcolores

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The exclamation point at the end of the song title is essential. For the first few minutes, “Girl!” builds itself up with precision, adding disparate elements and taking them away just as quickly, introducing you to all of the sounds that will eventually burst into the euphoric cacophony that fills the song’s second half. It’s a relationship in song form: the wanting, the waning, and finally the having: its climax is the sound of unabashed joy, the glorious ecstasy of love shouted from the top of Mount Everest. “THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT YOU I WON’T LOVE,” splattered with glitter paint and lit up in flashing neon lights. It’s the happiest, most pure moment of music I’ve heard this year. A song like this forces you to sit up and pay attention, to forge an immediate connection with it. Based on these five minutes of music, I’d follow Terror Pigeon blindly to the ends of the earth.


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