Windhand – “Orchard” Video

By ajcolores

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Last year, the great Richmond, VA doom band Windhand released their outstanding sophomore LP, Soma, which opened with the crushing-yet-catchy single “Orchard,” probably the album’s best song. “Orchard” premiered on 8/21 last year, so the earth has almost completed a full orbit around the sun between the release of that track and its video, but the song has spent the past year aging well, it certainly deserves to be spun again today if you haven’t done so in a while, and the video — composed of old horror-movie clips, I guess? — is pretty awesome. Watch below, where you’ll also find Windhand tour dates, and check out the band if they play your town, because they’re cool people, they put on a hell of a live show, and their merch is some of the best around right now: spooky, atavistic, occult-ish stuff very much in the vein of this clip. Check it out.


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