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Deadmau5 Takes Issue With Arcade Fire’s EDM Jabs, Fires Shots On Twitter

Arcade Fire have been pretty grumpy about dance music lately, which has led to the extremely popular DJ Deadmau5 lashing out on Twitter. This seems to be a response to something started a few weeks ago during the Arcade Fire’s headlining set at the first week of Coachella, when Win Butler shouted out “to all [...]

Basic Tape – “Third Light”

French electronic duo Basic Tape brilliantly capture a lush, springtime-y feel on standout track “Third Light”. Tranquil synth flutters and gentle songbird chirps comprise the beginning, before energetic handclap-led percussion signals the entry of the wiggly lead synth. Basic Tape play around with this lead throughout, with various tonal and melodic fluctuations occurring over a backdrop […]

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Band Sings Song Asking Why They Aren’t Playing Moogfest

What if you wanted to play Moogfest really bad, but Moogfest didn’t call? No, I mean really bad – like you started a band with this very dream in mind, outfitted your studio with nearly everything Moog makes, and put on a shameless amount of Moog-logo gear, just in the hopes of getting the booking. … Continue →

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