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Sondre Lerche: 5 September 2012 – New York (Review)

Sondre Lerche asked Facebook fans to send requests for each of the tour’s dates, and so obscurities and old familiar tunes that (by Lerche’s admission) could’ve been constructed a bit better were played in favor of cuts from more recent releases suc…

It’s Hard Without You

Lavendar Diamond “I Don’t Recall”
This is a light, lovely, swooning sort of song, so the bluntness of its refrain catches you off guard: “The life we shared is gone and it’s hard without you.” There’s no room for interpretation and no attempt at embellishment; Becky Stark is telling you exactly how it is and the [...]

Breaking The Chains Of Addiction – Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

As reported today by Associated Press (, *Green Day*’s front man, *Billie Joe Armstrong* has checked in to rehab for substance abuse treatment on the heels of the release of the…