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Moonshining :: Spotify/Twenty Tracks

The latest installment of my Spotify playlists for Rhino is now live. Moonshining, this week’s twenty track selection is a nocturnal ride trough the back catalogs of Will Oldham, Dirty Three, J. Tillman, Scout Niblett, Brightblack Morning Light, …

Gregg Gillis on the Girl Talk Live Show

I’ve been seeing a continuous discussion over the last couple of weeks about live electronic performance. I’m not really interested in debating anyone’s points, but I thought I’d break down my own approach. I’ve gone over various aspects of this countless times in interviews, so this is nothing new, really, but I thought it might be helpful to [...]

Video: Prodigy On Sway In The Morning

Here is Prodigy’s appearance on Shade 45′s Sway In The Morning. He talks about “H.N.I.C. 3″, his evolution in music, greatest studio experience and more. He then goes on to perform ‘Get Money’ and ‘Pretty Thug…