A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Standard

A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Standard

Eamon Whalen is portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton in FX’s new series “Fargo” Minneapolis is undoubtedly the cultural hub of the Twin Cities, but the college town/Capital city across the river is producing some of the most promising, progressive artists from their metro area. And I’d argue across the internet. As a Minneapolis lifer who… Continue reading »

Lavender Country – Lavender Country

One of country music’s most groundbreaking albums was released in 1973 by Patrick Haggerty and his openly gay country band, Lavender Country. Their album was little known and a very small run (only 1,000 copies were released) which were mostly available to the local gay community, by word-of-mouth and in…

The Big L – Put It On (Sam Sullivan Remix)

This week we’re dialing it back to 1995 with Sam Sullivan’s remix of Big L’s “Put It On.” The original comes off of Big L’s debut album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous. Gangsta rap was on the rise at the time, and producing a song that was single-worthy while still maintaining its “gangstaness” was […]