Here Be Monsters — err, Abnormals: ‘Sanctuary: The Complete Series’ (Review)

Madina Lake release new music video for ‘Across 5 Oceans’

Chicago rockers *Madina Lake* have released a new music video for single *’Across 5 Oceans’*, directed by John Kopanski from the album *World War III *which was out in September 2011.

*WATCH // Madina Lake – ‘Across 5 Oceans’*

The band have had a…

Tame Impala Live Review From The Fillmore

A buzz built outside of The Fillmore. “Can I get a ticket?” “Anyone have tickets to sell!?” Anxious fans without tickets crowded around the venue trying their hardest to find a way into Tame Imapala‘s sold-out performance. Inside, The Amazing opened up the night to a few dozen huddled fans. “I never dreamed I would stand on this stage,” proclaimed the bassist [...]

Ke$ha releases new single ‘C’mon’

American sensation, *Ke$ha* has released her new single* ‘C’mon’* off her upcoming album *Warrior, *which is set for release on November 30th 2012.

*LISTEN // Ke$ha – ‘C’mon’*
First single, *’Die Young’* has already gone platinum, with over 1,000,000…