Cover Drive release ‘Behind The Scenes’ of Explode featuring Dappy‏

YP ft. Hit-Boy – Trade It All

YP’s drops off his collab with Hit-Boy off his new project No Doz, which will be out this coming Monday.
Download: Link

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Mac DeMarco: "My Kind of Woman"

Montreal’s Mac DeMarco previously recorded under the name Makeout Videotape, and some of his homespun work under that moniker was collected on this year’s Rock and Roll Night Club EP. On “My Kind of Woman”, our first preview of DeMarco’s second release…

Review: Head Automatica with Worship [Live]

A sunny August night in a city that’s spawned its fair share of lyrical pop geniuses is pretty much the only setting in which anyone should watch a band like *Head Automatica* and tonight in a venue squeezed in between bars offering cocktails for two quid a pop a plethora of different stereotypes…