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Originally formed in 2009 as a trio- Dominic Apa, Gary Barber…

Originally formed in 2009 as a trio- Dominic Apa, Gary Barber & Simon Milner- the band has now added vocalist Kirstie Fleck, who was featured on the 2013 track “Dancing Anymore.” Working alongside producer + collaborator Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode), Is Tropical set out in the summer of 2014 to record across 5 continents; N. America, Africa, Europe, Asia & S. America.

The result, is their 3rd album Black AnythingBlack Anything, which will be released in five 10” transparent picture disc installments, containing 2 tracks per vinyl. The 5 vinyls when displayed on top of each other create the globe, unify the concept as a whole with each vinyl existing as an artwork & tribute to the continent it was recorded in. The N. American installment of Black Anything- “Crawl/On My Way” 10” will be released 12.08.14 via the band’s new label NYC based Axis Mundi Records (also available digitally).

Perfume @ Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC 11/15/14

Japanese pop artists rarely come to the US. So when Perfume — the female vocal trio who’ve spent the last decade embodying a unique and amazing techno-pop sound and visual presentation, rising to J-pop prominence in the process — announced that they’d be playing Hammerstein Ballroom (as well as L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium), the response from [...]

The Rockometer: Poor People Are Revolting by The Gotobeds

      The Gotobeds Poor People Are Revolting 12XU   What’s not to like about these Pittsburgh smart-asses, the Gotobeds? Poor People Are Revolting, the band’s debut long player for Gerald Cosloy’s 12XU, is two sides of punk rock slop packed with clever vocal jabs and insatiable melodies. C’mon, has there been a better […]

Mastodon kick off tour and launch ‘The Mustardon’

To celebrate *Mastodon*’s current UK tour and show in Southampton tomorrow in particular, local rock hang-out and food specialist *The Rockstone* have created ‘*The Mustardon*’. It’s 12-inches of pork, honey and mustard sausage smashed into a cheese-topped torpedo roll and smothered in grated…