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Clocks & Clouds – “Audeamus”

Minneapolis trio Clocks & Clouds produce a unique meshing of traditional classical beauty and reverberating post-rock. The first listen to “Audeamus” makes comparisons to energetic classical-driven groups like World’s End Girlfriend or Trans-Siberian Orchestra evident, especially when the more rock-forward percussion nicely complements the anxious strings. As the opening track off their new release, The Creation […]

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Menace Beach – “Lowtalkin’”

Earlier this month we heard “Tennis Court,” one half of a double-A-side single from Leeds duo Menace Beach. Now comes “Lowtalkin’,” the other song on the record. In contrast to its subject matter, it’s an outgoing outburst of frantic punk rock laced with pop sensibilities. Hear it below. The “Tennis Court” / “Lowtalkin’” single is [...]

AstroMike Gordon – “I’ve Been to Berlin”

In addition to strong tracks like “Ministry Song” and “Youthful Spite“, one of my favorite tracks off AstroMike Gordon’s exceptional new album is “I’ve Been to Berlin”. Its beginning features a mellow bass crawl, with a subtle tone that nicely showcases the evolving vocals of singer/songwriter Cristoffer Csanady. Lush, jangly guitars slowly trickle into the soundscape, […]

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Album Of The Week: Courtship Ritual Pith

I might as well get some boring full-disclosure stuff out of the way first: Nick Sylvester, a great friend and former colleague of mine, produced this album, and he’s putting it out on Godmode, his label. The fact that Nick worked on this album has a lot to do with the fact that I listened [...]