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Question in the Form of An Answer: Nardwuar, the Human Serviette — Interviewed by Jimmy Ness

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a squawky voiced, tartan-wearing Canadian who knows more about his interviewees than they do. The man previously called John Ruskin uses his encyclopedic knowledge of music to shock, impress and enlighten. His unorthodox approach includes asking his targets who they are, giving them presents and freezing in a wide mouthed… Continue reading »

The Weeknd – “The Zone” Video (Feat. Drake)

Last year, Toronto sad-loverman icons and mutual admirers the Weeknd and Drake linked up for “The Zone,” a haunted and numb track from the Weeknd’s Thursday mixtape. Next week, the Weeknd releases the three EPs he dropped last year, repackaged and remastered as Trilogy. So it’s a good time for “The Zone” to get a [...]

Radiation Radiation Radiation

Clinic “Cosmic Radiation” Clinic’s new album Free Reign contains some of the longest songs of their career, and generally has the vibe of a band stretching out and exploring their grooves. The funny thing is, the best example of them doing that on the album is not even three minutes long. “Cosmic Radiation” has all [...]