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Video: Big Boi on ESPN First Take

Words can’t describe my hatred for the Falcons. And it’s not just because they blanked Big Blue this season, I always had a hatred for that team that I can’t explain. I am gonna take great joy in watching Seattle give those filthy birds that fucking work this weekend. Previously: Big Boi ft. Jake Troth [...]

The Men: "Electric"

The Men aren’t much for elaboration. Their two previous albums were named Leave Home and Open Your Heart, and now here’s “Electric”, the plainly-titled lead single from New Moon, their third LP in less than three years. One of the Men’s many strength…

Jim James – “A New Life”

Next month, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James will release his proper solo debut album Regions Of Light And Sound Of God. James played every instrument on the album, and he based its concept on the 1929 graphic novel God’s Man. We’ve already posted the first single “Know Til Now,” and now Rolling Stone has [...]