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Popstrangers – “Heaven”

Here’s a promising single from New Zealand indie rock trio Popstrangers, a group that wears the stated touchpoints — early Radiohead and New Zealand acts like the Gordons, according to a press release — on their sleeve. But that starting point doesn’t necessarily shade the result of those influences, in this case a bouncy, sky-scraping [...]

Benoit & Sergio – “New Ships”

Benoit & Sergio are a dance production duo from Washington, D.C., even if their name practically screams “exotic European locale.” Next week, they’ll release their EP New Ships, and the title, track is a slinky and irresistible bit of sophisticated, louche disco-pop. Listen below. (via Pitchfork) New Ships is out 10/15 on VisionQuest.

OFF! – “Wrong” Video (Feat. Jack Black)

L.A. trad-punkers OFF! have released a handful of funny, weird videos for songs that are shorter than most radio jingles. (“Cracked” clocks in at 1:27; “Borrow And Bomb” and “I Got News For You” are both so short that the band just crammed ‘em both into one video.) The grainy, B-movie-esque “Wrong” is a little [...]